We take a flexible, client focused approach to our set times. Below is a guide; we are happy to tailor this to your requirements.

Three sets per artist.

We offer up to three sets (ambient or staged) per artist, with costume/skill changes between each set, so if you like you can have three entirely different acts.

Pick from the list below. You might want all the same, for example three sets of 40 minutes on stilts, or you may be looking for three different acts, perhaps 40 minutes on stilts, 30 minutes of fire dance and a 10 minute stage show. We have a large company of artists who can perform the standard and advanced acts, if you want to include specialised acts please speak to us so we can discuss casting options.

Set times for stage shows.

  • Stage shows for two or more artists are usually up to 10 minutes long (but can be longer)

  • Shows from specialist artists or soloists tend to be up to 5 minutes long

Set times for ambient performance.

Standard acts (our standard fees)

  • Stilt walking - 40 minutes

  • Optioscopes - 30 minutes

  • Flag dance - 30 minutes

  • Lantern dance - 30 minutes

  • Fire dance - 30 minutes

  • Ribbon dance - 20 minutes

  • Illuminated ribbon dance - 10 minutes

  • Can-Can character - 40 minutes

Advanced acts (for a small additional fee)

  • Dance with gym/acro - 20 minutes

  • Ballet en pointe - 20 minutes

  • Edible costumes - 40 minutes

Specialised acts (fees vary)

  • Contortion - 15 minutes

  • Hula-Hoop - 20 minutes

  • Hand balance - 10 minutes