Carbon neutral organisation

In response to the escalating climate and ecological crisis Divine Company has committed to being a carbon neutral organisation. In practice this means recording emissions from our activities (namely travel and power consumption), reducing wherever possible (e.g. using carbon neutral energy suppliers and couriers, travelling by public transport or electric cars, using trains rather than flying) and then offsetting the remaining emissions via gold standard offsetting schemes which are selected by our artists.

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For 2018-19 we will be supporting an incredible landfill gas recovery and utilisation project in Turkey. Solaklar Landfill Area in the Kocaeli Province covers 3 million square meters and accepts an average of 570 tonnes of municipal waste each day. This landfill gas recovery and utilisation project prepares the landfill area for the collection of landfill gas which is utilised to generate electricity through the use of gas engines. Landfill gas is one of the largest sources of methane, a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide which would otherwise be released from the landfill site into the atmosphere. By capturing this landfill gas and using it to produce electricity, the methane and carbon dioxide contained within are destroyed, reducing the emissions released. The electricity generated is fed to the national grid, and replaces electricity which would otherwise be generated by fossil fuel fed power plants, resulting in further emission reductions.

Required offsetting

In order to receive the Carbon Footprint offset certification, the following emissions must be included. Scope 1 : All direct GHG emissions by a company (fuel combustion, company vehicles and fugitive emissions), scope 2: Electricity indirect GHG emissions (emissions from consumption of purchased electricity, heat or steam).

Voluntary offsetting

We feel we are responsible for all emissions relating to artist travel, even though freelancer travel, or that booked by our agents or clients is actually not included in the scope 1 and 2 assessment. Therefore, we will record all travel data (planes trains and auto-mobiles, buses, bikes and even boats) and offset this on a voluntary basis. Collecting all artist travel data is a considerable group effort which needs to be done by our artists on a daily basis. As it’s our first year we don’t have data for the last 12 months, so we have elected to offset double the emissions from our first audit which includes only scope 1 and 2 emissions. Manufacture of costume elements (textiles etc) is not included in the offset calculations. We have been advised that tracking the entire journey of a material element is prohibitively complex and realistically almost impossible. The advice has been to focus resources on sourcing sustainably instead.

Sustainable costumes

All new work will be produced with sustainability in mind. This is currently extremely challenging, as textiles, dyes and other materials we use can be difficult or impossible to source sustainably. We will:

  • Reuse, upcycle and recycle costume elements when possible

  • Continually research and seek out sustainable, environmentally benign or beneficial materials

  • Create costumes which are as light as possible and pack down to a minimal size for more efficient transportation

  • Care for all costumes and equipment to a high standard so that waste is minimised

Join us

We hope that others across the events industry will join us in declaring a climate emergency and commit to becoming carbon neutral. If you would like more information about making the change (as a company or individual) please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We also acknowledge that there is much more to learn and are happy to receive feedback or suggestions.